Extended Arms aims to provide innovative programs that inspire, challenge and revolutionize young minds. 

Extended Arms is committed to offering affordable high-quality out-of-school time care and enrichment services. We are committed to providing a safe, open and educational environment, where positive relationships are fostered daily through peer-to-peer, student-to-staff, and staff-to-parent interactions.

Program Goals

 Extended Arms is committed to a strategy of assisting students with three

primary goals, to:

  • Educate
  • Develop
  • Professionalize

       These goals were designed to supplement students’ school-based academic curriculum; translating school lessons into relatable real world applications. As the foundation of all activity planning, program staff work daily to help students achieve these goals.


    We believe that one of the greatest impacts we can have on a student is by making positive contributions to each child’s educational process. As the fundamental staple of each day, students receive academic support and in-depth homework assistance from our highly motivated and qualified staff. Administrators work to maintain seamless communication between students, teachers, parents/guardians and Extended Arms staff; building relationships with educators as to meet the individual academic needs of each student. By offering innovative, multi-sensory electives and activities, we are committed to continuing the educational process in and out side of the classroom.


We provide programming that seeks to assist in the social, cognitive, and emotional development of each or our students. We strive to supplement academic success with developing each students interpersonal skills; equipping them with immeasurable skills for success in their future endeavors. Civic and community engagement is promoted through various activities and it is our aim to develop students into well-balanced community members who are able to contribute to the Greater Randolph area and beyond! .


We are dedicated to providing professionalism standards for all our students believing that students as young as kindergarten can start learning the basics of successful and meaningful interactions. Through our daily activities, our staff teaches the importance of routine, responsibility, and personal accountability; instilling these values of professionalism within every elective and club. Programs like our popular online magazine “HEY Randolph!”, to our brand-new entrepreneurship club “Like a Boss”, promote task management, teamwork, and a host of other professional skills that will give Extended Arms students that professional edge in accomplishing their goals!